Achieving results 300% faster thanks to equipment of KOMA

The initial aim was to reach the full production capability of 11,000 frozen pizzas per day in 5 years. After only 1,5 year, we have achieved this result.

We face an important market demand and we get a huge recognition for the quality of the product, higher than the average for this kind of product.


One of the high quality products from Menchetti


Production goals reached 3x faster than expected with automated solutions.

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Known for our high quality

Our Panificio Menchetti bakery is an Italian company based in Tuscany. Menchetti is known for its very high quality in its products. We produce bread, bakery products and confectionery goods. We supply the products to our own restaurants and shops, among others. We are also present in the main supermarket chains in Italy and are beginning to have a consistent presence abroad. Our long experience in retail, where our fresh products are highly appreciated for their quality, So our promise to the customer is delivering quality products.


KOMA Industrial Blast Freezer (KTR)

The challenge

When we first approached the market for our frozen pizzas and pizza bases, we had the following problem: we had to find a way to maintain the same level of quality for the frozen product, as we have in our regular products.

We met KOMA in a meeting at the Sigep fair, and after a few discussions and investigations, we found them to be a valuable partner, as they offered a solution that answered our crucial aspect, namely the quality of the product. Together with them, we equipped the installation with technology for cooling and conditioning the dough's fermentation. This is a crucial point in the proofing and slow proofing of our pizza dough.

Controlling all parameters is crucial

Being able to control all the conditioning parameters plays a major role. Thanks to the technology we have implemented together with KOMA, we can now control the time, humidity and all other really important factors. As a result, we now have a new factory that works very well.

Our goal is to produce 11,000 pizzas a day within five years. After only one and a half years, we are close to 50% of this result.

To achieve this goal, the technology partner is very important to us. We are very satisfied with the partnership with KOMA because they were able to talk directly to our staff technicians and suppliers. The production is well-tuned, which makes it possible to work more efficiently.

Our goal

Our goal is to expand this business in Italy in the coming years, for both the domestic and international markets. We are currently well on the way to achieving this goal. And we look forward to maintaining the partnership.



"The most important challenge was to have a frozen product that could reproduce quality and tastiness with the same organoleptic characteristics compared to our fresh pizzas. And we succeeded."

Corrado & Marco Menchetti

Owners Menchetti Panificio (Italy)

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