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Cool storage

By implementing cool storage you ensure that your products retain their quality, freshness and nutritional values. While your products are directly available for sale or further processing.

Benefits of Cool storage

Transport is cheaper,

when the products are cooled instead of frozen.

The shelf life will be extended,

by using cool storage technology.

Always stock available,

never disappoint your customer.

Less waste.

Save your unsold products and sell them another day.

Our solutions specified

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Cold storage cell


Temperature range: +2°C / +8°C
Designed for: 2+ trolleys
Capacity: >100 kg

The cold storage rooms of KOMA can have an optional lowered ceiling and humidifier to create the best environment for your unpacked products.

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Temperature range: +0°C / +10°C
Designed for: 2+ trolleys
Capacity: >100 kg

A cold storage room designed for baked bread. With this system, it is proven that both storage time and shelf life are increased by more than 400%. Humidity control as well as mold countering are all standard in this installation. Two versions available for unpacked and packed bread.

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"I would recommend KOMA for the variety of technology they offer. From various cooling techniques and equipment for different parts of the process."

Joseph Kupchik

General Manager Alysse Food (Belgium)

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Ton van Schaik

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