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Using the right proofing solution is essential in your production process. Make sure the fermentation process is optimal for every product, to have the best possible quality after baking.

Improve your proofing

Maintaining product quality and taste.

An essential part of meeting high expectations of the end consumer.

Create a consistent repeatable process,

by maintaining full control over air circulation, relative humidity and temperature

Every product has the same fermentation,

regardless of its position on the trolley or rack.

Our solutions specified

Discover what solution works best for you. Whether you have a single shop or an entire factory, we can tailor all solutions to your needs.




Temperature range: +30°C / +40°C
Designed for: 3 + trolleys
Capacity: Unlimited

The KOMA proofer can proof your dough using an interior humidifier. Perfect distribution of moist air as well as controllable air speed result in perfectly proofed products. Ideal for proofing medium to large batches of dough.

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Considering a slow proofing solution?

Perfect production planning, the best quality, and happy employees are just some factors that can be achieved by implementing slow proofing installations in your production process.


"I am confident that in KOMA we have found a partner who not only supports you with planning and construction, but who also has lots of ideas and suggestions to help arrive at a good all-round solution."

Berthold Brinkert

owner M+B Backwaren (Germany)

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