Stories of Large bakeries

Learn from our customers who share their stories about important topics like achieving more production volumes with fewer staff and how to create a repeatable production process while maintaining consistently high product quality.

“KOMA has been fully involved in developing the layout and production flow. Right from the start, KOMA actively participated in the project, which was of great value to us since we had grown from a small to a large bakery.”

Bakery Kenis is a family business supplying their bakery store and third parties, such as rest homes and other bakeries. Mr. Jos Kenis founded the business 35 years ago and in the meantime, they have grown from a small bakery to a fully-fledged business.


Glenn Kenis

Owner Bakery Kenis (Belgium)


“KOMA successfully fulfilled all our requests, and the advantage they had is that they took over the dialogue and solved problems with all the current suppliers.”

Corrado & Marco Menchetti

Owners Menchetti (Italy)

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“I am confident that in KOMA we have found a partner that supports us with more than just planning and construction. They also provide lots of ideas and suggestions to help us with production and all-around quality.”

Berthold Brinkert

Owner M+B Backwaren (Germany)

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Ton van Schaik

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