Artisanal bakeries and patisseries

"Our experience with KOMA is very good, we have been working together since 1988."

Pasticceria Cristiani, located on the coast of Italy in Livorno, is one of the first KOMA Customers in Italy. The Blast Freezing cabinet they bought in 1988 is still operational, side-by-side with a 2018 model. Next to small bread, they produce award-winning pastries, known throughout the region.


Lorenzo Cristiani

Pasticceria Cristiani (Italy)


Webinar: 4 methods you can ensure consistent, high-quality products

The common conception is that producing great quantities of products equals lower product qualities. In this webinar, we will give you an introduction to 4 methods that help you ensure the consistent high quality levels of your products.

9 minutes Webinar
7 minutes customer case (Menchetti)


"KOMA has been fully involved in thinking about the flow of production and the layout. Right from the start, KOMA actively participated in the project. This was of great value to us."

Glenn Kenis

Owner Bakery Kenis (Belgium)

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