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When adding chilling technology, the products stay fresher. We postpone the fresh point and bring the freshest moment closer to the moment of consumption. Blast chilling also enables you to speed up production by enabling faster processing.

Benefits of Chilling

Keeping your products fresh,

by lowering the temperature quickly after production you can ensure a better taste.

Longer shelf life.

Bring the temperature of your products quickly below 20°C to ensure better hygiene.

Beneficial to a high production speed.

Chilling from 90°C to 3°C in 90 minutes prevents using unnecessary storage space.

Chilling solutions tailor made.

We can provide small & big solutions; KPCF & IBC.

Our solutions specified

Add (blast) chilling to your production and gain multiple benefits. Discover what solution works best for you. Whether you have a single shop or an entire factory, we can tailor all solutions to your needs.


Trolley chiller


Temperature range: -32°C / +15°C
Designed for: 1-2 trolleys
Capacity: >100 kg/h

A chiller and freezer combination designed for 2 trolleys. Ideal for cooling down prepared meals or blast freezing smaller batches of unpacked products.

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Blast chilling tunnels


Temperature range: -20°C / 10°C 
Designed for: 2-10 trolleys
Capacity: >100 kg/h

Semi-industrial blast chilling installations designed for multiple trolleys handling outputs of several kg/h. A combination of hanging evaporator and air guiding sheets create the fastest possible cool down of your products. Ideal for cooling down large batches of dough pieces, pastries, vegetables, or other consumption goods. Execution in tunnel version possible.

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Belt solutions


Temperature range: -20°C / 10°C 

Designed for: integration in automatic production lines
Capacity: >1000 kg/h

Both horizontal and spiral belt chillers are possible. These industrial belt solutions are perfectly integrable in an automatic production process handling thousands of kg per hour.

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The installations were technically complicated, but were delivered entirely according to plan. Everything was started up without any problems and has been very reliable to this day.”

Louis van Gelder

Technical director Amarant Bakeries (The Netherlands)


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