Blast Freezing

"The horizontal Blast Freezing technology with the KOMA TurboRunner made it possible to guarantee the product with more friability and fragrance: therefore to obtain a better quality product."


Corrado & Marco Menchetti

Owners Menchetti Panificio (Italy)


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Optimal production process

To maintain the aroma, taste, and structure of the product, the process of Blast Freezing must fit seamlessly into your production process.

To create the perfect Blast Freezing circumstances, we look at the following essential factors:

  • Future-proof product line: what does your production plant look like now, and in the future?
  • Environmental factors: what is the exact location of your production plant, and how does that impact humidity and temperature?
  • Current installations: how would a Blast Freezing installation fit into your current landscape?
At KOMA, we strive to create a lean production process together with you. We have many years of experience in different industries. With our extensive knowledge of Blast Freezing systems, we are happy to help you find the solution that's right for your industry.

Depending on the storage after Blast Freezing, KOMA can advise you on the next steps and installations for the best process.

''I would recommend KOMA for the variety of technology they offer: different cooling techniques and equipment for every part of the process.''

Joseph Kupchik

General Manager Alysse Food (Belgium)

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