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“KOMA has been fully involved in thinking about the flow of production and the layout. Right from the start, KOMA actively participated in the project. This was of great value to us because we had gone from a small to large bakery.”


Glenn Kenis

Owner Bakery Kenis (Belgium)


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Enable smooth order fulfilment

For large bakeries, enabling smooth order fulfillment can be quite a challenge. Your machines must run optimally and be serviced on time to prevent downtime. With a high dependency on machines, timely insight into when maintenance is required is of the essence.

At KOMA, we provide 24/7 service to take immediate action on error messages and deviations by the monitoring department. Our service department can detect the issue early and plan preventive and planned maintenance.

We also look at the re-use of installations by upgrading them. For example, we can convert installations from other parties to run on KOMA's technique. This allows us to extend the life of an installation and achieve sustainable goals.


Learn about common pitfalls that prohibit bakeries in reaching fulfilment

For large bakeries, reaching fulfillment is essential for having a thriving business. In this whitepaper, we’ll dive deeper into the most common challenges in reaching fulfillment and how to solve them.


"I am confident that we have found a partner who not only supports you with planning and construction, but who also has lots of ideas and suggestions to help arrive at a good all-round solution."

Berthold Brinkert

Owner M+B Backwaren (Germany)

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“We needed conditioning to ensure consistence in quality. Correct freezing and proofing temperature with the right humidity are important for us. With KOMA we found the right solution.”

Yong Yew Mung

Chief Operation Officer, Vesta Baking Solutions (China)

Perry Houx

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