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Blast Freezing

Optimal freshness, structure and taste: Blast Freezing creates the perfect conditions for the storage and shipping of your high-quality products and brings the freshest moment closer to the consumer.

The solutions to Blast Freezing challenges

Maintaining product quality.

an essential part of meeting high expectations of the end consumer.

Consistent, repeatable production process.

Maintain full control over air circulation, relative humidity and temperature during Blast Freezing.

Improve logistical planning.

Build up product stock without dehydration and maintain the optimal freshness of the product.

Correct freezing temperature and method.

Create small ice crystals in the core of the product to preserve optimal taste and structure.

Our Blast Freezing products

We can tailor all installations to your needs


Blast Freezing tunnels


Temperature range: -38°C / -18°C 
Designed for: 2-10 trolleys
Capacity: >100 kg/h

Semi-industrial blast freezing installations designed for multiple trolleys handling outputs of several kg/h. Both standing and hanging evaporators possible. Ideal for blast freezing large batches of dough pieces, pastries, vegetables, or other consumption goods. Execution in tunnel version possible.

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Trolley freezer


Temperature range: -32°C / +15°C
Designed for: 1-2 trolleys
Capacity: >100 kg/h

A chiller and freezer combination designed for 2 trolleys. Ideal for cooling down prepared meals or blast freezing smaller batches of unpacked products.

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Belt solutions


Temperature range: -38°C / -18°C 
Designed for: integration in automatic production lines.
Capacity: >1000 kg/h

Both horizontal and spiral belt freezers are possible. These industrial belt solutions are perfectly integrable in an automatic production process handling thousands of kg per hour.

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Blast freezing cabinet

H and HN

Temperature range: -38°C / -18°C
Designed for: trays
Capacity: 35 kg/h

A KOMA best seller! The H-cabinet is a blast freezing and frozen storage combination cabinet. Blast freeze at -38°C and immediately store at -18°C using up to 10 storage compartments. Suitable for 600x800 and 600x400 trays. The H-cabinet has been trusted by professionals for over 70 years!

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"Our goal was to get the right condition at every corner of the Blast Freezer and proofer, KOMA made this happen."

Yong Yew Mung

Chief Operation Officer, Vesta Baking Solutions (China)


"With glycol defrosting of the evaporators, we can blastfreeze 24/7. This results in lower energy consumption, meeting our national energy restriction scheme."

Louis van Gelder

Technical director Amarant Bakeries (The Netherlands)

Perry Houx

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