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Dough conditioning


Years of experience in the conditioning industry

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The key elements of conditioning

Conditioning plays an essential part in realizing high-quality products. To keep the quality of your products at an all-time high, you need full control over the conditioning process. However, with many parameters that have a significant influence on this process, this is easier said than done.

At KOMA, we have years of experience operating in the bakery industry. Due to that experience, we understand the critical role conditioning has on the overall quality of your products and that you don't want to leave anything up to chance.

Our specialists have mastered the conditioning process and have used their knowledge and experience in designing systems that supports your process in the best way possible.


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KOMA has successfully satisfied all our requests, the advantage they have is that they take charge of communicating and solving problems with all the (existing) suppliers of the plant

Corrado & Marco Menchetti

Owners Menchetti Panificio (Italy)

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“KOMA had a good cooperation with other parties and suppliers, and together we always gave priority to quality in our decisions.

Louis van Gelder

Technical director Amarant Bakeries (The Netherlands)

High-performance conditioning solutions, tailored to your needs

To ensure high-quality products, your conditioning process should be tailored to your specific product and production process. At KOMA, we understand what it takes to deliver consistent quality levels and create high-performance solutions that support you in reaching these goals.

Perry Houx

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