"We can independently control and manage the times, temperatures and humidity of the dough proofing. Therefore, we can manage the process in single phases."

Marco Menchetti, owner of Menchetti Panificio, explains how they're able to control and manage the leavening of their dough with KOMA. Perfectly controlling the humidity, temperature, and other factors are crucial for delivering the high-quality levels they strive for.

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Corrado & Marco Menchetti

Owners Menchetti Panificio (Italy)


years experience in helping professionals reach the highest quality levels

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Key factors to ensure high product quality

Your product is what the end consumer associates you with, and it reflects the ethos, spirit, quality, image, and heritage of your company. The challenge is to maintain the quality of your high-end products while increasing production volume.

First, we look at how to achieve climate consistency. The high quality of your finished products can only be guaranteed if the temperature is consistent and remains consistent, independent of external factors and influences (like weather, geographical location, etc.).

In addition, air circulation directly impacts product quality. Cold air can dehydrate your products in minutes if not controlled. In addition to temperature, air velocity and the method of circulation are often unjustly neglected.

The adjustable (relative) humidity is also of great importance in combating dehydration which directly influences the weight of your product.

Consistent high-end quality can only be guaranteed when the production equipment is of high quality. At KOMA, all of our installations are composed of high-quality materials. We are happy to help look at which solution fits your product line.


Webinar: 4 methods you can ensure consistent, high-quality products

The common conception is that producing great quantities of products equals lower product qualities. In this webinar, we will give you an introduction to 4 methods that help you ensure the consistent high quality levels of your products.

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7 minutes customer case (Menchetti)


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Technical director Amarant Bakeries (The Netherlands)

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