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"Our KOMA storage freezer (-18°C) played an essential role in growing our business. KOMA is part of the Alysse Food story."


Joseph Kupchik

General Manager Alysse Food (Belgium)


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The key elements of storing correctly

Designing a storage facility involves a lot of details. At KOMA, we look at the whole process. We keep in mind the logistical layout of the storage space and whether it is expandable; think of demountable installations. We ensure that a reserve is built to enable you to flexibly scale up your storage.

A safety plan is also an essential part of the process (think of a personal alarm). We also make a special lighting plan to use as little wattage as possible, as well as a heating plan to keep energy costs low.

We are happy to help explore the possibilities for your optimal food storage.



''KOMA is a symbol of constancy, innovation and quality, we strongly recommend it. We have been working together since 1988.''

Lorenzo Cristiani

Pasticceria Cristiani (Italy)


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