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Optimize your oven capacity by creating buffers while increasing the quality of your products and keeping the process constant and repeatable.

Optimize your capacity and quality with a Recovery solution

Maximize your baking capacity,

and speed up your production process.

Improve the product quality

by upgrading the taste and texture by managing the perfect conditioning parameters for slow proofing.

Prepare and optimize your frozen products

for proofing and further processing, straight out of the frozen storage.

Create a consistent, repeatable production process

by maintaining full control over air circulation, relative humidity and temperature.

Our solutions specified

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Temperature range: -20°C / +20°C
Designed for: 2+ trolleys
Capacity: >100 kg

The perfect symbiosis between a storage freezer and proofer. Using a Recovery installation, you create an extra step in your proofing cycle, decreasing downtime and nighttime hours while preserving product end quality. Ideal for medium to large trolley batches of dough.

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“With automated conditioning solutions, KOMA helped to grow Alysse Food since 1999 from a production capacity from approximately 3.000 to 20.000 tons per year.”

Joseph Kupchik

General Manager Alysse Food (Belgium)

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