Industrial Bakeries

“With automated conditioning solutions, KOMA helped to grow Alysse Food since 1999 from a production capacity from approximately 3.000 to 20.000 tons per year.”

Alysse Food was created in 1995 and the first company to industrialize American pastry and bread in Europe. Efficient and quick product cooling became a significant challenge. To solve this, the experts of KOMA looked at what needed to be done to increase production capacity.


Joseph Kupchik

General Manager Alysse Food (Belgium)


Some countries have strict environmental restrictions as of 2030. Make sure you can comply and ensure your future.

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Find your growth potential

If you want to expand your production line or try to create that constant high quality, choosing top-of-the-line materials is important. Also, if you want to meet customer expectations 24/7, it’s essential to keep the right stock at all times.

Sustainability is becoming an essential topic for bakeries as well, luckily we already have extensive knowledge on this subject. You can consider using natural refrigerants to build a truly future-proof production process.

At KOMA, our experts look at the growth potential of your bakery to make a suitable plan for you. We are happy to help you gain that unique position in the market.


Learn about common pitfalls that prohibit (semi-)industrial bakeries in reaching fulfilment

For industrial bakeries, reaching fulfillment is essential for having a thriving business. In this whitepaper, we’ll dive deeper into the most common challenges in reaching fulfillment and how to solve them.


There was good cooperation with other parties and suppliers, and we always gave priority to quality in our interim decisions.

Louis van Gelder

Technical director Amarant Bakeries (The Netherlands)


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