An optimized production process with sustainable bakery & food solutions

Sustainable bakery & food solutions

Discover the possibilities of sustainable food production to ensure a future-proof production process

Installations from 1988 and 2018 side-by-side

Installations from 1988 and 2018 side-by-side


"We were one of the firsts companies in Italy with a KOMA installation, and we still use the Blast Chiller today"
- Lorenzo Cristiani

A future-proof production process without compromising on quality

Sustainability has been an increasingly important topic over the last few years. Also, in the food & bakery industry, this influence is noticeable, for example, in the increasingly stringent environmental requirements that bakeries must meet.

In addition, more and more companies in the food industry are looking for ways to future-proof their production process with the help of sustainable solutions. At KOMA, we believe that you achieve the best results with installations that perfectly match your process and last for generations. This way, not only do you reap the benefits, but so does the environment.

At KOMA, all of our installations are made of high-quality materials. We also monitor our installations 24/7 to quickly identify faults and anticipate them, perform preventive maintenance and constantly optimize our parts so their performance keeps enhancing. This way, we ensure that we can solve the problem early on and extend the installation's lifespan significantly."


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''We completely reached all desired results. With regard to energy efficiency, our expectations and KOMA's forecasts were even exceeded."

Sascha Kieninger

Managing Director Wasgau Baeckerei (Germany)


"We needed a problem free operation without surprises, breakdown and downtime. KOMA delivered this to us."

Yong Yew Mung

Chief Operation Officer, Vesta Baking Solutions (China)

Successful sustainable bakery solutions for future-proof production solutions

Ensuring a future-proof production process that complies with all required environmental legislation without losing quality can be challenging. At KOMA, our systems are designed to help you deliver consistent quality levels while doing so in a sustainable way. Learn more about our sustainable bakery solutions:

Paul Giesen

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