Bakery Kenis set up a streamlined production with KOMA and increased production by 10 times

Learn how bakery Kenis upscaled the production of their sandwiches from 4.000 a night to 40.000 per day with the help of KOMA’s expertise – and high-end equipment.


Bakery Kenis


Increased production 10x and reduced nightwork.


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Optimal floor plan for an efficient and future-proof production process

Bakery Kenis is a family business supplying their bakery store and third parties, such as nursing homes and other bakeries. Jos Kenis founded the business 35 years ago and in the meantime, they have grown from a small bakery to a fully-fledged business.

A new production plant was needed to keep up with Kenis’ growth potential. Kenis required a streamlined production flow with minimal walking routes and sufficient freezer capacity. A new design for the floor plan and facilities were essential to produce the bakery products as efficiently and effectively as possible. Also, the bakery needed an expansion of the cooling systems to become truly future-proof and environmentally friendly.

Kenis trusted KOMA to solve these challenges and build an optimal and future-proof production process.


Slow proofer unites at Bakery Kenis

KOMA looks at the entire bakery production process

To set up an optimal floor plan and effective production process, KOMA helped redesign the flow of production and floor plan. KOMA also supplied all the refrigeration technology. The decision was made to focus on automation to create a more efficient production process.

An important goal of Kenis was to reduce the pressure during nighttime production by installing large freezer storage with blast freezing technology. Thanks to the new freezer storage, small bread can be produced and stored during the daytime. This reduces night hours for the employees and makes for a more pleasant work life, something that Kenis felt important.

In addition, KOMA has supplied retarder proofers. Because the products can now rise longer in the Recovery and proofer installations all night, the quality of the product is higher. It also ensures that small bread can be prepared for busy days.


“We would definitely recommend KOMA. From the first meeting with the representative to setting out plans and invoicing, as well as the follow-up afterward, all was done very professionally.”

Glenn Kenis

Bakery Kenis (Belgium)

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