High-performance conditioning solutions that drive quality levels across industries

Supporting professionals worldwide to reach the highest quality standards through sustainable, tailor-made conditioning solutions.

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Meeting the conditioning needs of professionals worldwide for over 80 years

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"Conditioning solutions from KOMA helped to grow Alysse Food since 1999 from a production capacity from approximately 3.000 tons per year to roughly 20.000 tons per year, KOMA met all the expectations."

Joseph Kupchik

General Manager Alysse Food (Belgium)

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Tailor-made conditioning solutions

To ensure high quality, your cooling, freezing & conditioning processes should be tailored to your products. At KOMA, we understand what it takes to deliver consistent quality levels and create high-performance solutions that support you in reaching these goals, whether it's chilling, freezing, proofing, or storing.

Experience our sustainable conditioning solutions in this virtual bakery tour!

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Future-proof conditioning solutions that last a lifetime

Our products and systems are designed based on the latest innovations and have long and sustainable lifespans. That’s how we help you strive for sustainable excellence.

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