Alysse Food increased production capacity by 400% with KOMA equipment

Learn how Alysse Food — Europe's largest muffin, bagel and cupcake manufacturer — increased production capacity from 3.000 to 4.000 tons a year to more than 20.000 tons today with the help of KOMA equipment.


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400% increased production capacity.


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Quick and efficient cooling, storage and proofing

Alysse Food was created in 1995 by Samuel Kupchik and was the first company to industrialize American pastry and bread in Europe. Today, Alysse Food belongs to the Roullier Group.

At the end of the ’90s, Alysse Food had developed an important market for an ambient product packed in a flow rap type packaging. Efficient and quick cooling of products before being packed became a significant challenge at Alysse Food.

In addition, realising constant temperature levels in storage turned out to be an issue. It was essential for Alysse Food that the storage always remained at -18°. Cooling turned out to be a bottleneck in this process.

At the same time, Alysse Food was making its entry into the frozen food products business, selling its products to companies like Unilever. To do so successfully, Alysse Food had to develop a conditioning process for bagel production and needed an experienced partner to advise them in creating the ideal method for cooling and proofing the bagels.


KOMA Twin-Spiral Blast Freezers

How did KOMA help?

To solve the challenges of Alysse Food, the experts of KOMA looked at what needed to be done to increase production capacity.

Alysse Food wanted to cool bakery products quickly and efficiently. For this purpose, KOMA supplied an IQF belt freezer (KTR). A Blast Freezer with an automatic belt system that freezes products rapidly.

Besides that, KOMA's conditioning specialists developed the storage room with KOMA's compressor and evaporators to get the right temperature of -18°C. An important wish of Alysse Food was to grow their bagel business. For that reason, KOMA's conditioning specialists designed a particular poofing room and delivered a cooling installation that enables easy scaling of the bagels' production.

Alysse Food grew a lot from 1999 when the first KOMA equipment was installed. Their production capacity went from 3.000 to 4.000 tons a year to more than 20.000 tons today.


"Our experience with KOMA is good because our company grew a lot at the same time we were buying KOMA equipment. KOMA is part of the Alysse Food story."

Joseph Kupchik

General Manager Alysse Food (BE)

Perry Houx

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