At KOMA, we believe in sustainable excellence.

What do we mean by this? We mean that we produce high quality products and systems for long lifespans.

We take an approach that increasingly relies on natural refrigerants. We use a forward-looking approach that encompasses long-term relationships with our customers, and the principles of good employment practice for our employees. In other words, we respect long-lasting relationships across all of our activities, treating everybody fairly and respectfully.

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In-house expertise

Long-term thinking, a progressive approach and production continuity have been in our DNA since we started in 1938. This has helped us ensure quality excellence through our production facilities in the Netherlands. Our in-house expertise allows us to serve our customers across the entire range of activities they need, including consultancy, design, production, installation, monitoring, service, and more. We do it all ourselves to meet the most stringent quality standards as we continuously deliver long lasting solutions in the fields of cooling, freezing, storage, recovery and (slow) proofing.

KOMA has delivered a wonderful project. There was a lot of confidence in KOMA's expertise in advance, and KOMA lived up to that.

- Louis van Gelder, Technical director Amarant Bakeries (NL)

For advanced technology we have considered them the best option in the market, specifically for what concerns cold and heat technology.

- Marco Menchetti, Owner and head of production/production Director (IT)


Talk to a specialist

Do you want to know more about conditioning, our projects, natural refrigerants or anything else?

Talk to one of our specialists via +31 (0)475 474700 or leave your info via this contact form, and we'll get in touch with you.